Monday, June 23, 2008

All the promise was just a lie

You took my heart,
Deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams,
I wished they turn into real.
You broke a promise and made me realize.
It was all just a lie.

Sparkling angel, I couldn't see
Your dark intentions, your feelings for me.
Fallen angel, tell me why?
What is the reason, the thorn in your eye?
I see the angels,
I'll lead them to your door
There's no escape now
No mercy no more
No remorse cause I still remember
The smile when you tore me apart


  1. Forgive my expression - F**k and Forget is today's lifestyle but using love and commitment to get there is the worst of all. People who employ it deserves no time and place in any one's space. One is better off with out such thugs around. -Morgan.

  2. aww that is too rude...Whatever :-)
    I had my good times and bad and I have let go :)


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