Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I will always have you

Can you love someone so much that you let go of that person?

Like my tattoo
My love will always be for you

No matter what you say about love
No matter what you say about life
Truth will always be a stranger
With the soul forever in danger

I keep my hand in the fire
I learn every time I bleed
Sooner or later
I'll get what ever I need.

I can't waste a moment
Your love will always live with me like a token
I realize nothing is broken
I lived every second with you like its the last one

I didn't tattoo your name for nothing
You know it meant lots of thing
I will let you go
if you promise, you'll be happy for sure.

But Just like my tattoo
I will always have you.

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  1. Tattoos are not permanent any more.. there are ways to clear them and redo some thing else there too.. so, i guess the figure of speech is a bit flawed now, but the intent is strong enough to see thru. -Morgan.


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