Monday, May 12, 2008

Dragon On-duty to Bangalore

Dragon came over to Bangalore for his site visit of 3 days. And man!!! every time I see him, Cupid bombards me with his arrows. We had an amazing time with each other. Its been 5 months since I saw him but felt as if its been years. We met on Friday, 9Th and then again on Saturday and Sunday and Alas! he then had to go back to Academy. He should be in Ahemed Nagar by now, another camp. Running 50 Km, reading maps and lord knows what more.
Drag was in his walking outs on Friday (Khaki uniform). Maybe that's why lots of passer by admired him of being a security man with a flair for fantastic English ;) But to me, Dragon looked as handsome as I have known him to be. He is the smartest looking guy on Earth. Fine, many might disagree... but if seen from my would know what I mean. A long Saturday seemed short by the evening. The next day, I drove down to Jalahalli East where he was put up. And searching for block 171 (where he was at) was the most tiring journey. But yeah, I saved him from the patti parade he was undergoing ;)
We left the camp site at around 12 and then were off to the Brigades. Had sandwiches for lunch, lots to drink and then went shopping. I must admit, he has a fantastic choice of colors and style. And he know what would look the best on me. Its fun to shop with him. Only that he is too expensive ;)
The way back to the camp site was ... well not very happy ... neither was it sad...maybe I just don't have a word for it. We stopped our car at a fishy place and man were caught :P Well we did get out of the situation. And I am proud to acknowledge that Dragon can pull out of any situation with maximum ease. Okay. That's a bit of exaggeration but still... things would have been different had he passed out of academy.
The next day was again simple fun in each others company. Met 2 of his course mates at the station. They were good and desperate to buy booze.
I bid him a bye with a deep kiss waiting for the coming 11 days to pass as quickly as they can. After 11 days, I will be in Pune with him :) Can't wait to get to Pune.

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  1. Intimacy.. passion.. longing - All One sided.. Whats the other side like ?! -Morgan.


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