Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bangalore to pune

My Dads job always fascinated me. He was in the Air Force....flew the helicopters. Often I used to ask him if he flew as high to be able to touch the clouds. I had N no. of questions about how clouds are. Was always curious if he had touched the clouds. I used to ask him if he can bring me some cloud to play with and he always answered, "if I touch the cloud, it all become water." Disappointment!!!
The memory just flashed back as I was flying from Bangalore to Pune. As I waited for the plane to taxi, I began to question myself, "how much do I like to fly?" "Do I like to fly at all?" And the answer turned out that I only fly to save time. I would rather prefer to take a train if I had great company. As these thoughts ran, I felt my stomach churn and soon realised we were taking-off. With all the geometrical figures of brown, green and blue...I felt happy that Pune is just an hour far. And my baby nephew will soon be in my arms. Within no time, the brown, green and blue patch on mother Earth was lost and the memory of me asking my father to get me a piece of cloud came back to me. We were flying on the blanket of cloud which soon looked like tiny hills on the Earth. We were targeting the vast salt desert of clouds...
Got a quick bite of sandwich and a short but relaxing nap until I heard the cabin crew lady educate us of the temperature in Pune. My watch told me that I was 10 Min's away of seeing my brother. Once again, the brown, green and blue patches began to take up the entire site and I frantically began to locate my house. Yeah I know, I was searching for a needle in the hay stack...but searching for my brothers plane... (He flyies the sukhoi's) wasn't a bad idea, especially when you want to avoid all thoughts of touch down. Touch down has never been interesting to me. But anyway... I could not find his plane either but yeah...could figure out the Sukhoi hangers. Pune at last! My wait for my brother begins. I long to see how tall my nephew has grown...
The End

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  1. Wasn't the trip to Pune was to be in ur love's arm... now Nephew seems to be taking precedence ?! ;) -Morgan.


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