Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't search with happiness

Those long hand held walks with nothing on your minds but each other
That feeling you get when you awake to see them staring at you smiling, as if to say I finally found happiness
The ways you hold them while they are deep in slumber, convinced you are laying next to a sleeping angel
Those countless hours in the delivery room waiting to see the miracle of life
That moment when your child enters the world and you lock eyes for the first time, and you realize "Wow, I loved you before you even had a name"
The selfless act of love to accept the challenge of helping your little one get through life
Those tears shared
That freeze in the moment
The heat of passion
Those harsh times when even at life's worst, you realize you wouldn't want to endure them with anyone else
That timeless second when you think to yourself, I really want to spend forever with them
The love between you is an invisible, indestructible bond, tied by the strings of life, and wooven by the ever intertwining of woman and man
See all my life I have been searching for the way to happiness, but I was wrong
There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way
Whether it be your child, your soul mate, or a friend
There should be no love of what
Only the love of whom
And who so ever finds this
Shall come to the conclusion that any life is worth living
Any life is worth loving
And after you read this, take it personally and step outside and see what life and love has to offer you
And see the difference it makes to search with happiness
Instead of searching for it

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  1. WOW.. that is deep.. this compliments my instinct or re-assures why I was right abt reading your blog end to end. Bravo. -Morgan.


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