Thursday, March 06, 2008

This feeling inside me

What is this feeling inside of me,
How did it come to me,
What happened to set it free,
When will it be gone,

Though I want it to stay,
Because it’s so much easier to find the way,
But I don’t know if it’s okay,
Don’t know what is right,

But I know I won’t change my mind,
I’ve always stuck to feelings of this kind,
Ever have I watched the thorns unwind,
And not once did I look back,

In the end all will be in vain,
But the price I pay is also my gain,
And my soul is used to the pain,
So lend me your blessing,

For I am addicted,
Prisoner of my desire,
Craving for what I know,
Will be my doom,

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  1. Seems incomplete... but yet another deep lonely effort. -Morgan.


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