Thursday, March 06, 2008

Senses finally at ease

Blinded by pride, you failed to see,
My tortured soul, as it writhed in agony,
Reeling from the wounds you inflicted upon me,
The pain I felt tormented me, unceasingly.

But now, I have been numbed by your indifference,
Your cruelty has led to an unexpected deliverance,
Who could have known, that death of the heart would bring release?
That when it stops beating, the heart is finally at peace?

How these eyes have wept before!
For now they can weep no more,
Where once they sparkled with life and gaiety.
They now stare into space, void and empty,

My ears have been deafened, they no longer hear,
The whimsical melody of laughter and cheer,
The sound of silence, so frighteningly loud,
Drowns out the noise of merriment emanating from the crowd.

These lips of mine shall no longer sing,
Songs of the seasons; summer and spring,
Sealed forever, they shall never again speak,
Of the joys of life that everyone seeks.

My heart lies buried in a dark and unyielding grave,
No longer does it feel apprehensive or afraid,
Nay, devoid of any emotion it lies silently,
In stillness and in quiet revelry.


  1. very have some talent in you...but from what I read, its mostly when you are in a sad state of mind the creativity comes out...I want to see more happy posts...

  2. I agree with Redkar, creativity is at its height when u are sulking... this reminds me of a friend who thought Aishwarya Rai looked gorgeous when she was sad, so if he married her would slap her every time he needed to enjoy her features ;)-Morgan.


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