Monday, February 25, 2008

A lesson well learnt in a life time

There was then a time when each day was long,
The world a playground and life a song.
Fluttering joys with barely a care,
Ignoring the future and what lied there.
I played away the daylight and dreamed away the nights,
There was nothing I had known to give me fear.
I was happy with the blue sky, stars and moon
little did I know about life outside home
Everywhere all I saw was happiness
Singing like a bird as it flew
The bird was but hunted with an arrow
with blood on its wings I saw it fall
Tears filled my eyes as I placed the bird in my palm
That is when I realized,
Earth was not just a playground but also a burial ground.
But the heart of the bird was still beating,
with tender love and friendly care,
It sang again and showed me, sorrow was all just in vain.

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  1. Multi Dimension ... First half depicts or forces one to recollect one's childhood... then it suddenly transforms into bitter facts of life forcing us to digest the reality. Nice poem. -Morgan.


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