Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If I was-people in a lifetime

When you feel dark and stormy,
And your world is falling apart,
I will be the moon,
And light a path to you heart.
I would wash away all you doubts,
Flood you with happiness,
I will be the rain
And show you what love is all about.
All your loneliness with despair
All your fears,
I will be the sun
And dry all your tears.
I would blow you a kiss
Send you a hug
I will be the wind
And give you someone to miss.
I would send a chill up your spine
I would freeze you for a day
I would be the cold
And admire your beauty.
But ...
I am just a lady,
A wife, a friend, a caring hand
And the love I feel for you has no end.


  1. Its a lovely and beautiful poem. It shows that how romantic writer u are :)
    It is soft, mild and charming.. I becoming a fan of your writings..!!

  2. Romance to this extent is not only hard but can be dangerous too.. :)The fact that most gals appreciate, acknowledge and follow it freaks the good evil out of me.. Is this the expectations one has to cater to and deal with globally ?!! -Morgan.


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