Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I met a new person on my journey to life...

Ever wondered how we get close to some people an not everyone. Only some people are striked out of the strangers list to stay on the list of people close to your heart. And for me such people take a place in my diary of "people in a lifetime."
I once read an article in Times of India's magazine section which spoke about such a thing. They say that the instant bonding between two people is because of the previous life they might have shared with each other. I now wonder how many people have I spent my previous life with (wink). And if the study is true, I am glad that this ain't the my first life that I am sharing with them.
And today I have a new person who has entered the list of my "people in a lifetime."
This girl- with slender legs, a slim figure and bouncy hair has something in her that caught me to talk to her from day one. As I look up from my work desk to look at her sharp features complemented with her dark complexion, I see something called genuineness. Genuine about what is a question I have never been able to answer myself.
They say friendship is like a bra-
Hard to find, supportive, comfortable, holds you from falling, always lifts you up, makes you look better, and always close to your heart.
So is she. Among all the other friends, a friend who was hard to find, her company provides comfort, she stands to stops you from falling with silly gossips to laugh and forget the world, and for all this she deserves a place close to my heart.
I welcome Priya to be a part of my "people in a lifetime."


  1. Hey gurl, should say Iam flattered by your description about me (btw Iam surprised u didn't mention "Karpai") and thot of me worth of being written on ur blog (halo)....and thnx for the comparision ;)
    Well, since Iam not great wid words, I'll end my comment here.

  2. LOL U are a darling gurl. I am glad that u got into this place.

  3. Now that is creative and should I say funny and kinky at the same time ;). I simply hope that this suits to only gals side of defining friendship... Was for a second trying to fit my boys to the definition...phew !!! -Morgan.


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