Friday, February 15, 2008

I gave my heart away for a life time

I stand amidst the crowd
that call their soul their own.
Surrounded with friends and foe,
Here I stand, idle and alone.

Beneath the blue of day,
I gave my heart away.
In the sea so deep...
the world without an end has drowned.

The bloom of the flower
Gave no scent to me.
The song of the birds
Could not be heard by me.

With fearful steps I m0ve,
To see what the mirror will show...
The reflection was not me,
But just a clear face to see.

The heart I hold in my hand,
searching for a place to keep.
I don't know whether it is beating...
'Cause the pain is too strong to feel.

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  1. Isnt the pain worth all of these lack of substance to enjoy other beauties of life ?! Or Is it ?!! -Morgan.


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