Thursday, January 17, 2008

impo..or non..Necessity or all that's un-necessary

I’ve gone back and forth about writing this post several times. There’s one part of me that says, “This is such a minor thing, why even bother?” Yet another part of me says, “If you don’t get my fingers go click-click on the keyboard, I'll be stabbing Preethy for giving me such a topic to write on. This girl, Preethy, is my mentor. And before I start posting, I would like to tell her, "thank you,"for taking time out for me. :)

How necessary is it to put on your thinking cap to think? Or how important is it to have a spoon as the mother feeds her 20 year old hulk son?
Necessity and importance... Is it really worth judging how important or necessary something in life is? I say "No Sir." How would invention take place if the worldly organisms went about judging the necessity or importance of anything or everything in life?
Make up was long unnecessary until one day some one decided that Cleopatra was the most beautiful lady. And since she used color on her face, make-up became an important thingy in the girls list until there came the heterosexual man who would not step out in the sun w/o his make up. And didn't we think make up was unnecessary?
My grandpa drove the ambassador hymning his favorite tunes 'cause he din think it was not very necessary carrying his bulky radio along for a smooth drive. But then came that person who did not ever believe in anything called "all that's unnecessary." Thanks to that person who gave the idea of the importance of having a stereo system in the vehicle.
I can go on and on but ..."is it really NECESSARY???" LOL
So all that is unnecessary is really necessary and yeah you dopes who thought that there really was a cap worn while thinking to enhance your thinking skills are just too unnecessary to the thinking world. Want to know what I have to say about the spoon...."IT's IMAGINARY for God's sake."

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  1. LOL... I can think of so many things when listed you would say its NOT necessary ;) In the interest of giving the post the recognition it deserves for keeping it so open and yet pressing, I retire with a wide smile on the face :). -Morgan.


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