Friday, January 18, 2008

Dragon flies the DEMONA!!!

I remember the first time I boarded Boeing 787, the Air India Aircraft. I was in awe of the whole journey. The clouds flying by, the well cut blocks of green, blue and brown which I saw fr0m the window below the aircraft.
Then came a time, when I first flew an aircraft, the Ardhra Glider. And then the Zenair, a micro lite and then came the tiny little ultra lite that I flew. It was an experience that just can't be described to the fullest.
It took a long time of just touching the aircraft to check for any damage to the body. Continuous call outs of the pre-takeoff calls. Walking on the runway checking for the tiniest particle which can damage the plane. Boasting to friends about being able to fly one day.
The joy of controlling a giant all on your own, flying with the birds, kissing the clouds as the gentle breeze sails them away. The pride of being able to read the clouds and the formation they would take. Mugging up the ground checks, preparing for the ground test.
And yet all these joys were masked by the heavy preparations of the initial ground checks, the tension of getting the aircraft airborne, the cautious procedure calls, the continuous checks on the speed and height, carrying out the circuit as planned and then the most fearful ... landing. Getting the belly of the aircraft to touch down without a thud and running its majestic undercarriage and calling out "landed safely." And with a puffed up chest waiting for the ground crew to unharness you. Telling everybody on earth how interesting flying can be.

All these memories were long before buried in the treasure chest until today. Today seems to be that great day when I call myself a proud wife of a "pilot." I wish I could describe how dragon felt with Super-Demona being under his control. Did it feel like falling in love all over again? What joy was it of holding the joy stick? manipulating the throttle controls? How did it feel like seeing the peacock bay under his feet. How different was seeing Sudan block from the air? Was the jungle still as fearful as it had been while camping?
How did it feel wearing the navy blue overall? Did the name plate on it feel the same as it did in all the other uniforms? Was the helmet too heavy.

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  1. I bet any one with an appetite to adventure and adrenalin rush would envy this. And I also see the wife has spoken in the tone of thyself ;) For a second I was wondering when did this non tech babe manage to fly a glider leave alone the flight :).-Morgan.


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