Wednesday, December 12, 2007

travelling in RAC with ya... PART II

I see that this story has caught a lot of attention. I have been asked to continue from there. I wonder if its only the intimacy that got people interested or was it the innocence of the two lovers which kept the readers to continue reading?

The warmth of their body, trapped within the blanket, creating just the right atmosphere. Their breaths synchronizing as their chest goes up and down following the rhythm. Their heart speaking the same language. He gently spreads his arm as she closes in to rest her temple on his chest, pining her hair behind her ears as he tightens his grasp around her. With the closed eye, they see their beautiful future together, hearing the noise of their unborn children playing around. He takes a deep breath as she smiles hearing the voice of her children. Without a word, they look at each other, There is something about these two souls. Something amazing about the way they speak right to each others heart without a single word. She: There is a smile on your face darling, that lets me know how much you need me. There's a truth that your eyes speak. They tell me that you will never leave. And every time you hold me, I know that these are the hands which will never let me fall. He: these are the hands darling, that will always be around you. My hands are not just a shelter, it's your home.

Looking at myself with you ,
I look at a happy pair.
I am the lucky one, as I have been feeling with you
You make me feel free,
free like the breeze blowing down the street.
There isn't a care about the world, not a worry in sight.
I look at the world through your smiling eyes
And laugh at the devil as his train rolls by.

The train speeding up furiously, letting out its sweat as a black cloud. Its gigantic body trails, like the vampire catching its prey.

Yet the gentle moon sends its calm kindness. Reminding them, when frustration, difficulties and fear assail like a threat, with all the love between them, they will ride out of every storm. Like the clouds hide the sun on a rainy day, never forget, though out of sight, but the sun will shine again.
Listening to each others heartbeat as they feel each others breath, the choochk-choochk of the train sings them a lullaby and as the vampire catches its prey, it rocks them to sleep.
Would there be a place more gentle, a place so warm? A shelter more secure, a feeling much better? A fresher fragrance, the brightness just right?


  1. knock knock... anyone in there...?! The dream land has no limit.. and that is a hope deeper than we know. -Morgan.


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