Thursday, December 27, 2007

Distance And Relation

I was just reading my friends blog where she was talking about long distance relationship. I have heard some very few philosophical, deeply lost into love people say "if there is true love, it works" and lots of 'ready to face it all' souls say "naah! It just does not work." What is the best to agree to? Those philosophical hearts or those who know that they can't do with an imaginary love?
No No. I am not getting into either of the sides but sticking on to mine.I know that both the sides for each individual is what it means it is. I still am not hanging at the center line saying "if the love is true, It would hang on, else, what has to happen, will happen." If I am not on side A nor B, nor is it that I am occupying the center line, then where should I place myself. Ahh... I am just above the center line watching these three kinds of people debating, smiling, as if it does not concern me. Well yeah. I am a bit least bothered about it. I have hardly spent 10days+8hrs+8hrs+3hrs in presence of my soul mate yet it feels like I have spent my entire 23 yrs Ahh oops lets be realistic, 365 days lingering in his arms. Ah! I am so romantic. Pat me.
And i must confess that I like it that way. Well I would have liked it the other way round too but...
As I dress up to work, we are having a telecon which continues as I pop my toast in and grab my car keys. The phone is finally relieved as the engine of the car starts and we kiss each other until the phone is ready to rings again. I wonder if my people I share the road with as I drive to office have enough time to wonder why I am smiling to myself as I drive or do they know that its 'cause a sweet memory of dragon is lingering around me.
The memory train is lost as I greet and am greeted to start with work and meetings and presentations and with constantly staring at the computer screen until I do a Ctrl+D to reach the desktop again to see my darling drag in different angels. and then back to punching some weird keys on the keyboard, staring at the screen again, browsing from one page to another. And just as I remember to breath, the phone vibrates sending yet another train of smile. It's Drags SMS.
But again, as the debate was going on, on whether or not a long distance relationship stands out to be as strong? does distance really make the heart sink deeper in love or does it leave a lonely void place which wants to be filled?
Is there an answer which will justify the question and give a satisfactory answer to all the audience? According to me, if the 2 hearts were born to be together till eternity, they will and if distance ever separates two souls, then it's simple. They were not made for each other till eternity.
Do leave back your comments. Would love this thread going on.


  1. Iam a little confused here, is long distance relation going to work or not going to work??

  2. dumb gurl...m just talking bout drag here.

  3. This is what I have to say.. all these constant touch, calling till the last minute, sms chain, chats, emails, etc are all the first few days of bliss to keep up what was it before marriage. Post marriage is when the senses kicks in and in time they would come to the conclusion that things cant be that way as for some reason some thing that was keeping them expecting or aiming at is lost. I am not telling the love and care faded away but, it just dwells into the course of taking one for granted.. thus does not make it needed for calling every now and then, emailing, updating or even for that matter to even kiss you in the morning and and say I love you... this gap generated is not necessarily worth a mention, but sure looks huge compared to the exotic start they had.. Thus, do not over do in the start that one cannot keep up going forward. Every one needs a new target to work towards to lead life.. man has created one for him.. first spend 23 years getting a degree.. then find a job, then a partner to marry.. then kids... and concentrate on them to go over the vicious cycle all over again... The regular herd follows this and when one dares to move out of the herd, becomes an easy target and gets shot.. So, bottom line is.. sooner people dont come out of expecting the unexpected ways of life, tragedies are bound to occur.-Morgan.


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