Monday, December 10, 2007 bells that rang ...

Calling it just a memory will be a word too small. Maybe its called "the sunrise." The sunrise, which comes in everyday waking us out of our dream and letting us know that there is a real world out there and we sail working all day to finally realize that the sunrise which kick started our work is going to gift us the moonlight to thank us for being gay with the sunrise.

1 December, 2007, St. Philomena's Church, Mysore was when my sun came along and we tied the knot to sail into the day everyday henceforth. Drag and I tied the knot on this day. It ain't a memory but a fresh picture which comes in every morning as we kiss to wake up with the smile that the rings on our finger gives us.

The promise to take you as my only love from this day forward,

to stand by your side, to listen when you speak,
to comfort you when you cry,
and to join your laughter with my own.
Take this ring, and be my spouse.

A promise that could never even be thought of once, has been fulfilled with the deepest faith and love that I will ever be able to get.

Drag once asked me what I want out of life for myself and I said "i don't know," Maybe marry a fauji pilot and see my children play in the campus. See my childhood once again as I see my children. And who could give me a better gi
ft than this that Drag gave me. By giving Jia and Aadar a fauji Pilot papa and showing me my childhood in their face.

When times comes and I ponder if I could love him more than what I do...I am just left blank. There are times when you understand how a dog can love his master just to get a gentle pat and a days meal from him. Sure I love this guy more than that. But then it still does not leave me with an answer of 'how much.' If I say as much as you see the sky above or the stars, it would be too unromantic and yet untrue 'cause the sky ain't vast enough, the horizon is too near and the stars just a few. What if the answer was the way a mother loves her child. The way a father lives for his family. Things just get into an heterogeneous mixture
and still fail to limit my question of 'how much.' But this is all I can love and if there was more of love that I can give then I would have to be reborn as Brinda again to be able to love Drag the way I do. 'Cause I love him as much as a life time of mine can love anyone and everyone. And this is the maximum I can give. Sure I want to be re-born as Brinda again to search my Drag in any form that he would appear.
Love means never to have to say sorry. Nd sure we can end up howling at each other and never have to say sorry.

Remembering him lay flat in the passenger seat as I drive, ignoring him stare at me as I check the rear view mirror. Exchanging shy smiles, gesturing him to take me into his arms and when he does, asking him to change the gear for me. Yelling at him for not reading the sign board for the driver as she is busy looking at her groom, leaves behind a smile as fresh as a dew drop.
Looking at the ring and crying "AHhhh.... we are married darling.... AWwwww" It now feels how people go crazy out of extream happiness.

And there is this vow which I shall forever stick on to. Read along:

I Baby, choose you Dragon as my best friend
my love for life,
I promise you my deepest love
And fullest devotion.
My tenderest care.
Through the pressure of the present,
and the uncertainties of the future,
I promise to be faithful to you, to love you,
to commit to you, to support you.
I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities
to lend you strength for all your dreams.
You have shown me what love feels like
And for that, i thank you.
You are all I need,
And at this moment, I know all my prayers have been answered
And that all my dreams have come true
I praise God for having you Dragy
For all of your love and constant friendship,
I know that our love is heaven sent.
I promise to be here for ever and always.
From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart shall be your shelter
And my arms will be your home.
As I give you my hand to hold,
I give you my life to keep.


  1. :)))
    thts the sweetest thing i ever read here....
    You both deserve all the 'Happyness' in this world...!! May U be blessed with Everything U desire..!!

  2. wow!!!
    U write very beautifully. I wish u both a very happy and successful time ahead. May all your dreams come true.

  3. so so so touched by this :) congrats again!!

  4. Is it true. wow!!
    I wish u all the luck baby. May the 2 of u be in the deepest love forever

  5. awwwwww darling...luv u so very is the happiest moment of my life....m so glad to hav u as mine,nd for u to have me as urs....nd c,so many ppl hav already wished us all the happiness..luv u tons sweetheart...nd yeah u write beautiful.. ;)
    hugs nd kisses darling.. :*)

  6. Hey this is a wonderful thing and I know u have sincerely written this and believe in it...Hope u 2 are happy wid each other for eternity...I don't know who is more luckier , u having Dragon or Dragon having u...but since u r my dear friend (sorry Dragon) I take ur side and say "Dragon's really luck to have a wife like u".

  7. I was here, but leaving with out much to add. -Morgan.


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