Monday, November 26, 2007

Princess of his heart

The ocean finally engulfed me and I decided to live the life of a mermaid. The "Ocean Queen."
Did I ever want to wake up from my dream? Or did I want to be the ocean Queen. Everything just turned all around and i realized, that though the ocean looks so dark and mysterious, it still makes a home to the aquatics. And now the ocean is hear, gently splashing its sun lit crystal drops on me, saying "Let me make you the the princess of my dreams, be my ocean Queen."
All the memories rush past again, reminding me, that out of fate or choice, remain at the shore. The thirst for water, the lust for wave, will drown you forever. You are supposed to revolt 'cause you have no choice. The chains of obligations binds you in its fold.
Oceans love to make me his Queen but sure was stronger than any bond that could tie me. The chain looses its grip as I gesture the ocean to take me in its waves. The gentle well decided step forward to the ocean, surrounds me, taking me into its whirlpool, gently caressing me as we sing along.
I am now a mermaid, princess of his heart, Queen of the ocean.

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  1. Dragging illusions of peace and prosperity.. sooner we come out of it, lesser we would be bruised :) -Morgan.


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