Friday, November 02, 2007

Faith and beliefs

I always fill the religion blank as NA in any form which needs to know whose teachings I follow. And then I am raised with lot of questions as to why don't I have a religion. The simplest answer I could give was, I don't believe - what Jesus preached, Ram to work the best for me. As per me was not that a person to be followed and Allah...I just don't give a damn.
Jesus was born out of a virgin. So how did he get his fathers traits? Can a virgin's womb hold a baby? Contradicts science, Isn't it? Needs research on Artificial insemination ;)
Ram... a man who could not trust his wife's faithfulness and needed a proof of her purity, can't be pined to be a great husband and people want to follow his teachings!!! Ridiculous.
Allah...who believes a women is the cause of life. Well yes she sure is, but i wonder if women would still be the cause of life without the donated sperms? Naah... she is just a baby making machine. So all you men come and stick it in :x
India and its "n" number of religious faiths. And I have answers not to believe in all the "n" number of religions we the Indian Have created.
But I still am asked questions like don't you believe in a supream power? A power which will take you all along? A faith? Someone to ask for help when you are in need of.
I believe that there isn't a stone image, a writing or a dead man with long white rob sitting there waiting for prayers to be answered. And if there really is, then I would like not to over burden him.
But I do have a person, who listens to all my words in distress, in anger, in joy, with tears. And he physically appears to ease me out or to double my joy. I believe "My Father is my God."
He who is not just am imaginary image cut out of stone. He who does not preaches but teaches. Who made a fantastic husband. Believed that men are made to keep a lady happy and provide her with all comforts that life would demand.
If I would have to believe in a religion, I would call it "father" and the God would be called "papa."
So Maybe I was all wrong when I said I did not believe in The existence of God or left the religion field in the forms Blank or filled them to be Not Applicable. Cause i do believe in the religion which I call father and believe in the supream power of "papa" who will always take me all along, A faith, Someone to ask for help when I am in need of.


  1. faiths and beliefs is not just abt believing abt the personal lives of God's Incarnation...its more about have faith in That Supernatural power which makes this world run in such a smooth manner... am not asking you to believe in any one particular form of God...but u can't simplydeny or ignore the beauty of the Universe... !! Who Controls it... sure there is a scientific explanation for most of the Phenomenon u come acroos... but Humans follow Him just because they can't find the answer to "WHY" behind everything...
    The more they find out ...the more intimidating it becomes!! afterall what are we.. just a spec in this VAST universe.. Me being an engineer ( a few more months ;))simply marvel at the fantastic Job Of The Engineer whu designed the control system of not just the humans...but so many milillions of other living organisms as well.. !!
    The more I learn...the more convinced i become in the existence of GOD !!

  2. what do i say. M still figuring out an answer for the 'WHY' :)

  3. lolz... alrite promise to inform me the moment you do find out :P

  4. he he he. will sure do. May I know who "hawk" is?

  5. People need some thing above them to fall back to, some try to follow the herd and give it a name and some find their own. What ever it is, one should not challenge or question others beliefs coz, its not in the best interest of any. We would end up hurting or stirring things we dont want to or intend to. Some things are sensitive and we should not meddle with it.-Morgan.


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