Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What she lost?

With her eyes filled,
She sits silently
In the rain, falling from the stars
There ain't no liquid
leaving marks on her cheek
Quivers trembling for an endless eternity
As the rain lit by the moonlight hits the ground
punctured by a grasping breath,
never forgetting what she lost.


  1. If some day you look back in here.. I have a feeling that you would not be sure what made you come up with those heavy lines... at least I wish you dont remember, that would mean you have left behind all these gloomy days and moved on to spread fun around :) -Morgan.

  2. seriously. half of the things I feel ain't written by me and if written , I wonder Why :o

  3. Thats a very good sign... I am sure 'Paru Darling' should get most of the credit to it then... Awesome. -Morgan.


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