Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mysterious and dark...

Love like an ocean
Mysterious and dark...
Came by
Without knocking at the door
it entered
I stood there looking
Not knowing how it was engulfing me
not giving me a chance to revolt
not giving me a chance to surrender.
It now tries to drown me in itself
and here i stand . . .
On the shore,
not sure which way to turn
Should I wake up from my sleep or
wait to be drowned and
live life of a mermaid???


  1. Awesome post brinda...Keep it goin

    Keep posting up!!!!

  2. thxs a ton. Ur appreciation is a motivation :)

  3. *ALARM* Trrrrrrrrrrrrrr... wake up, before it goes out of hand now ;) -Morgan.


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