Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The AOL family. . .

I dumped the Times group and joined hands with the Time Warner group on the 10th of April. And then started a new career track that took me deep into the on-line media industry of being an ad network. This post is for all my friends in AOL who have been making the journey via AOL a joyride. Suresh, Lakshmesh, Ramana, Hariprasad, Anup, PriyaROBERT, Swapna, Me, Chintan and Preethy.

Suresh- Team leader of the development team and "the best teacher one can get." Is filled with tons of patience, a tangy sense of humor and knows how to hide, hit and save. When he says he is right, he knows he is RIGHT. A great leader and a person to work with.

Lakshmesh- A new joinee who likes to remain silent and just watch. The camera may not recognize him if he forgets to smile or grin. His style of dressing- black on minday, black on tuesday, black on wednesday, blue on thursday, and black is back.

Ramana- There's only Andhra meals that can satisfy his hunger pangs. All he needs in life is rasam rice, sambar rice, lots of pickles and pappad and to end the meal curd rice. Ah Andhra style chicken will be a topping. Some thing to drink and a vacation to go to Tirupathi every weekend. Ain't he a family guy!

Hariprasad- naah that's just a short form of his name. His real name is " Mallipudi Butchi Hari Prasad." Wow!!! how long do u think it would have taken to think of a name like this??? Well do let him know the meaning of butchi if you ever come across and for your information Mallipudi means "dry jasmine powder!!!" yeah I am thinking of the same thing as you are. WHY ON EARTH.

"The three haut women in the team"

Anup- A pakka mallu who denies to have anything do with malllu's except for celebrating onam, banana chips and coconut oil. Has great hopes that he will one fine day find his Panjaban to marry and then we would all say ". . . And they lived happily ever after...The End."

Robert- Ahem! Smart, sexy, dashing, Tall dark and handsome. Well this is a gurl. priya robert. Lived 20 years in Goa, fond or pigs, when cooked- fried or roasted, they all finally taste like chicken.

Swapna- A proud mama of a two year old Nikhil. Is a fun loving, jolligo girl who can get angry quick. Helps us in cursing the cafe's food by tempting us with her Ma ke haato banna khaana.

Me- Well. . . I can go on and on and on and further on. But lets hold it here.

Chintan- A gujju by heart, by head and if you are aiming else where a gujju by there too. A person who would go hungry for days but will not pop rice into his mouth. The food is good if its sweet or else "ye kya khatte rehte hai har din?"

Preethy- :D my reporting manager. A mallu by hair. Makes us wait for 4th of every month so that we can ask her to treat us for every month that she completes as a Mrs. A brainy character who learn by observation and can talk non-stop whether given a chance or not been given one.

Vaibhav Gupta- Humara Krishna Kanhiya. All he can think bout is girls, girls, girls and coffee with a new girl 'cause jisko inhone chaha, mata/pita ne inkaar kar diya ab aage un khi marji. Kaise bhi chelegi andhi, bhengi, looli, dimag se pedaal jaab tak ppl say she's a gal, tab tak chalegi.

Bhargavi- A slim trim figure who looks like a hippo at present. Now who would not if you have an 8 month old baby in your tummy. At the moment she is itching her tummy and waiting for the clock to strike 6 so that she can take the first shutter home. We are all waiting for the little nut to come out :)

All of us are a team in true sense. All the best to all you guys and long live AOL for keeping us all so bond together.


  1. Hey Blogger,
    Thanx for the smart lines about us....didnt know u cud think so much so fast.....u know wht , if v gave u names, there will be a never ending list...anyways, just give me (or the brainy Preethy) ur blog to proof read before u put it up heh heh

  2. Everything is fine but want to know when you have seen me in my bullish style. I think it was just an assumption.

  3. @ Robert... U QA specialist, y dont i just give u my password nd u do the editing work. fine its not "the pig" its pork. Happy!!!

    @ swapna...
    Well it ain't an assumption darling, u need to have an eye to see the inner part ;) but ain't vot i said true?

  4. Hey Brinda,

    We all feel lucky to have you in the team. You are a gum (not gem! :-)) of the team who keeps us altogether. Your way of laughing (that loudddd one!!!) is something great and we all like it how many evertime we hear it, though some kids n dogs might get afraid of that :-)

    A cute thinker, humourous, good-imitator (particularly the scratching stuff) are some of your character highlights.

    Always wonder how you will react if you are put into a room all alone for a day. I am sure the walls of the room will go mad!!!

  5. @ suresh. . .
    Sure i wud go on talking to the walls too ;)

  6. And what happens when the walls crack down... the update looks pretty interesting.. should pay a visit to confirm it I guess :) -Morgan.

  7. ahh guess they wud have to get us a new noice proof, crack proof walls.


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