Saturday, August 25, 2007

travelling in RAC with ya...

Fantasy part 2, in the dreamland ....

He: Hey coming to the beach?
She: Nope.
He: Why.
She: Cause I don't want to.
He:And why don't you want to.
She: Well 'cause you don't treat me like a princess... Tell me something good and i'll decide then.
He: Tell you something good in???
She: Well if I had to dictate it to you whats the point? Go you don't hold a chance. You're in the waiting list
He: Well...fine. Tell me what do you want to hear.
She: What? Ahh ! You're not good. But ain't that bad either. You're in RAC
He: RAC wow! that means we get to share a berth!!! fantastic.
She: Hey I thought we were taking a flight. but if we have to share a berth, I am game then. Lets go to Jammu or Kanyakumari or maybe Arunachal Pradesh. Vot say
He: Oh yeah! Lets go to arunachal pradesh. farther the better ;)
She: Lets go then ;)

They sit on the same berth, on opposite ends, looking out of the window as she stretches her leg and he makes space to make her comfortable. Pulling his legs closer to his chest he sits there looking out of the window enjoying the company, the journey and the greenery out there. Feeling how lucky she is to be with him, she smiles to herself. Content that he has everything he ever dreamt of he looks at her and smiles. As the breeze blows her hair she looks at him to find him reading Harry Potter. Another lamp post just passed by like the others. The train taking its turns, curving the mystic body, fuming away, running fast. . .

How beautiful is this life to be with the person who makes you feel so secure. There are so many other passengers. A grandfather along with his grandchild showing him the beauty of nature. A mother feeding her baby. A gang of guys playing cards. There is laughter all around. Life being used to the best, she picks up a magazine and flips through the pages. Looking out of the window, talking to the wind, trying to look at the engine, she gets back to the magazine that she has flipped several times already. She looks at him. Her love that she found. Thinking about all the fun they always have. How warm is the company of each other. The tiny fights that they share that turns out to strengthen their love. She nudges him with her feet. There's another nudge and once again she is ignored. She looks out of the window as he looks at her from the corner of his eye and feels smiles innocently like a child learning a new trick. He gently tickles her feet and she ignores it yet for the second time.
She: Go continue with you Harry Potter
He: Well yeah. He indeed is an interesting character but not better than you.
Come to me baby.
She: Aww. . .

She rests her back on his chest and makes herself comfortable as he rests his chin on her shoulder grasping her in his arms. Giggling at silly things, making faces, acting like strangers, acting like twins, mimicking each other... sharing the joy of being with each other.

Dinner? Dinner ??? You want DINNER? came the voice of the railway employee.

He: Ah! sure we do. We'll take 2 meal. When will it be delivered?
Employee: 8.
He: good. Thank you
She: wow time just flies. Its already dinner time.
He: well yeah I know. I have the effect on many. Every one feels that time flies when they are with me.
She: Oh... accha. well yeah. you do have the effect. I don't know bout others but , you do have it on me ;)
The dinner guy just made me realise m hungry. Let me go wash up and then we'll have dinner.
He: Hmmm. Can i get back to Harry Potter?
She: well Yeah, If he promises to fly away on his broom the min I come.


He: Harry says he's scared of you.
She: Oh well. did he tell you so.
He: yeah he just did when I told him that he needs to go.
She: Ah! and why may I know is he scared?
He: 'Cause I told him that you love me like no one else has ever done.
She: Awww I love you. Love you more than anyone else loves you.
Has the dinner come?
He: yeah.
She: Umm. not bad. good actually.

They have a half an hour long dinner. Shaing, snatching, hiding, laughing, messing up the place.

She: wash up. I'll chuck away these things. Nd dont smoke. M waiting for you to come back.
He: you know me well eh?
I din smoke. Came back in a jiffy.
She: Good boy.
He: Hey where are you going.
She to wash my hands.
He : well come back soon. I don wanna miss you for a second.
She: Muah....

She: wow did we take so long to eat. people have already turned out their lights. Whats the time?
He: It's 10. Time flies when I'm with you. Wish i could hold on to time and ask it never to leave.
She: Crazy romeo that you are. :P
How are we sleeping now?
He: Well together. On the same narrow berth ;)
She: well yeah it wud be better if you knew how not to kick in sleep.
He: Ahhh....

The lights are off. The granchild is sleeping as his grandfather pats him off to sleep. The mother sleeping cuddling her baby. The guys sleeping with their shoes on. The compartment is silent with only the two souls in each others arms. Enjoying the breeze. They gently slide into the blanket . . . @#$%^&!@##%^&$!@#%@#$%@!#%@%^&@^%^_^



  1. hmmmm, nice fantasies. the only problem is... they NEVER put a guy and a girl together in the same berth... no matter what... :P

  2. get lost u dope. thats the reason y its a fantasy :P

  3. But Sweetu...

    When will you continue from that blanket scene? I am waiting for the continue story... I am sure that will be more interesting ;-)

  4. why don u continue from there ?

  5. woww..thats really lovely lovely story. It's a brilliant creativity..its simple, perfect and great.Believe me, this is as good as a best selling writer's creation, if not better than some of them. Whyn't you try it for a fun professionally..!!
    So I m waiting for its next part - "The night in RAC". Wannaa c how lovely writer u r :)

  6. LOL.. you lost me here... emotional, sentimental, and so not practical... i know you would defend it in the name of fantasy, but hey such fantasies are also not freaking scary... Every man who reads this would shrug... if this is what every gal dreams off, oh boy!! -Morgan.

  7. LOL. This was the child of Dragon and my tele-communication.


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