Thursday, August 16, 2007

She sits there crying, scrapping of her arms with a knife her legs injured with the tool already, pops in all the pills she can get hold of just to find herself drowsy in office the next day with a feeling of regret not for what she did but for failing in what she did.
Changing her mind over to look at the grass thats green rather than thinking its going to turn brown, she sets of booking her tickets for a vacation that she long deserved. She puts on the happy mask, setting her mind to get the mask absorbed into her face. Taking a deep breath as she sits in her seat next to the window passing via the clouds through which the sun shines on a pleasant day. She finds all the changes she desired and then ... a friend for the icing.
Is it the past that keeps coming back? Or is she trying to go back and get the past. Expecting the past in her present, trying to get to the future to forget the past, ruining what the present holds for her.
She sets herself off in the land of fantasy forgetting it might be a mistake to do. Who's face was she trying to see when she told him, " I know of a place, do you want to come along?" "Are you really sure you'll come?" Fine," hold my hands, and don't let go. It's dark out there, but the moon will be out there to give us just the light we want." "Yes I want to come and I'll not let go off" he said. Looking into each others eye, with the gentlest smile, they start walking on the path, wet with the morning rain admist the bushes finding themselves surrounded by huge trees all around. Looking into each other time and again holding hands tighter than before they walk. . .

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  1. A gloomy day with a ray of hope.. yet not strong enough to give the comfort craved for :) -Morgan.


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