Thursday, August 16, 2007

A place so warm and gentle...

Fantasy . . . part one, in the dreamland...

"I know of a beautiful place. You want to come along?" She asked. "Fine" He said. "Are you sure? It's dark and cold out there." "I sure am." "Fine. Hold on to my hand and don't let go" She said to him. "I'll never let go" came his voice.
They walked gently, hand in hand looking into the eye of each other, exchanging the gentlest of the smile. Holding on tighter, making gestures with the eye. They passed through the muddy path, wet with the morning rain, on the aisle of bushes, soon to find themselves amidst huge trees swinging in harmony to welcome their guest. The breeze blew softly to play with the her hair, blowing her gown tenderly. She looked at him with deep love. Gently looking down she tries to get her eye away from his attention. The breeze blows heavier than before and gradually wades off leaving a deep chill behind. He wraps her in his arm to keep her warm, combing the strands with his hands off her face, to see the stars lit in her eyes. oonThe chill gets milder as the warmth is shared. The chillness of the feet slowly disappears as they are lifted from the wet ground beneath them. Soon Finding themselves in the air in each others arms. Their body parts from each other. His hands on her waist and hers on his chest, they find themself dancing to the moonlight, their body gently waving, "left together, right together, closer and apart. "They do this a several times untill a cloud comes under their feet and they land. Gently he stretches his hands out and she rests her temples on his chest. Closing his arms he cuddles up with her tenderly falling asleep like being drugged with the sweetest wine. Deep in his sleep, she runs her hands up his chest from the waist, running her finger on his lips, feeing his cheek with her palm. He feels her lips running through his chin up his ear and then she whispers " I wish I wake up every morning, finding myself wrapped up in your arms and it last forever. This is my place, a Place so warm and gentle."


  1. so pennin a bestseller,eh..?well wht can i say...its jus amazin..

  2. well thx pal. wanna a copy of the best seller, autographed by me ;)

  3. duno about bestseller... but u might give jackie collins a run for their money... and mills n boons just might close their business... but on a serious note.... feels good to read and feel the words... and at the same time it brings in a bitter melancholy feeling... like this stuff o' urs

  4. thx maxi. well do u want an autographed copy of it ;)

  5. I hate M&Bs as a fact, but when the same is compared to some thing so passionately drafted by your own, you wanna give it a second thought!! -Morgan.


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