Tuesday, July 31, 2007

M a happy being

Hmm... you are just jumping to conclusions. Well maybe...maybe not. But all i had to do was "talk." I did talk but I had to talk to the right person for the right cause.
Drag says I always write sad things and yes, I DID notice 'cause I write only when I am sad. So today is a no brooding blog.
I am happy and nothing and no one in this world can make me sad. They don't deserve my concern actually. Why should I be bothered by a person who means nothing to me? That's what everyone says. Its only that they don't understand that there are 2 people involved here. One who means the world and the other who ruins the world. Now how can you not bother when the person who is the ruiner is a part which interferes with the happiness you get with the person who means the world. So, do I make sense?
Whatever the case maybe. But the things now is "I AM HAPPY" now. Papa says, I am jumping to conclusions. No I am not. May be i am over reacting to go parallel with my over sensitive brain that gets tired of the smallest kind of emotional thinking. But I am right and I know it. I would thank you for being there for me now and ever and sorry for not being able to understand. But then I am lesser experienced than you. it will take me time to think from your end. I guess i have to live another 25 years for that.
Living too rings a bell. Do you have the right to take away your own life. Now come on, Its your life, do what you want with it. But I guess there are others living for you. There are those who live to keep the smile on your face. Just a small mistake by them should not be allowed to take a toll to take your life by your own hands. Plus you know you won't die, you will just be lying in the ICU for a couple of days, worrying others around and paying a good sum to the hospital. So I guess I want to live again. Live to see people around me smile. Live for those who gave me a chance to live. For those who wanted to live but had no choice but to go.
There is so much change in me. I am some one different from what I was in the morning. And I thank you papa for being "My papa." But always remember, blood runs thicker than water, no matter what.
Man ! the blog turned out to be sad again but at least I am happy as I am writing this :)

Thanks a tons to sona, who is always by my side. Who takes in my madness, my anger, my sorrows, my tears and does the best to change them into a river of smiles.

I want to live to see what is the next challenge I need to take. I love myself. Muaw...

m a happy being
I live the way I feel
M here today
there tomorrow
but I promise
at the end of the day
I will smile
'cause I am alive
and I love where I am.


  1. gr8 thinking... but too long..

  2. That article was anything but happy.. its more like you are crying out loud to convince others you are happy while ur write up negates it completely.. Sorry, but thats what I see. -Morgan.

  3. But, am sure u have a great potential to prove us wrong. Just that when u are happy I am sure u are venting out all the gala else where and this blog does not get to see its share ;) -Morgan.


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