Tuesday, June 05, 2007

time taken blaming....could be used to save her.

Well its been long since i wrote something. Or should i say my idea giver ain't with me giving me ideas to write for/about. Something very creepy has come into my mind. OK well to be honest, I sit reviewing ppls blog ... well that's the way i get my bread and it is pretty interesting doing that. So there's this gurls blog which I am reading where she is talking bout seeing her drug addict mother on the journey to her death bed. M putting this in my word cause I don't want the Google guys reading my blog and putting it under the objectionable blogs like I did to that gurls blog. LOL!

This girls mother is under a rehab trying to get de-addicted. Her credit card is taken away from her, she works but is not allowed to have a single penny with her and any resource which can buy her a kick. She manages to fix it up with a friend and gets a bottle of drug. Gets home, speaks to her daughter, tells her that she is sorry that she's making peoples like hell by her habits, but she will put an end to it. Well maybe this should have been a catch for the girl. But at times, I suppose your sixth sense vanishes when you require it the most. So this girl is in her room with a friend of hers. the two suddenly decide to chat with the darling mom and soon find her under the bed, half naked, legs bleeding, arms cut, vodka bottle hidden under the pillow and am empty bottle. The girl in the blog sits blaming herself and keeps saying " i would keep blaming myself though I know its not my fault." Well I feel it might not have been your fault completely but you did NOTHING to save your mother. you call up a friend of yours asking him what to do. Well rush her to the hospital, call the doc, do whatever you can to save even a second of her breath. But no. u take the advice of a friend of yours who is a BIG DOPE who tells you "Do whatever but don't call 911 and don't take her to the hospital, let her sleep over it and she should be OK." Strange that you obeyed and you say its not your fault. Finally the friend to whom the phone call is made comes home to the rescue after 6 hours has passed, fights with the dying lady and then decide to dial 911 and the doc is on their way. The question here is why was there the wait for 6 hours?
And then you say you visited your mother after 3 months of her being in the hospital 'cause you still believe your mother was the only reason to be blamed in the whole game. But atleast you saw your mother a day before she died.

Well I feel more than playing a blame game, it is always better to seek the solution. After all after the blame is done you will have to hunt for the solution. But then why waste time playing that game and loosing someone for it.


  1. your writing is beautiful

  2. I hate to say this, but common sense takes a back seat in the times of panic. More over the punch line is, common sense is not common these days. Its like when u are watching the whole thing from a distance every thing seems clear but when u are in the middle of it, its kind of tough to take a call. I am not implying u are wrong, but have to cut slack for the weak hearted. No one is to be blamed, its the path one chooses to cruise. I hate to repeat, but your writing demands it.. You have a classy yet suttle touch in ur writings.-Morgan

  3. The pleasure is all mine :) Cheers. -MoreGun ;)


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