Thursday, June 07, 2007

There's nothing left,
nothing left to hold on to.
There is no reason for me to fight anymore.
I let it all go.
It'll be easier I know,
the weight on my shoulders tells me so.

So now I stand here
to sing another song for you.
About the pain I felt before,
Now there's nothing I can do.
Now I stand here,
with nothing left to say to you.
And if you all could sing along,
it might help me make it through.

I try to move on,
nothin' left to hurt me now.
I hope it's all in the past to stay.
Just tryin' to see through


  1. The poet in you should be woken up more often :) -Morgan.

  2. LOL. I am poetic only when I am sad. Now! do u really want to wake the poet in me?

  3. LOL... if buying you a drink or a long drive or a pleasant dinner would cheer you up right after that, why not ?! ;) -Morgan.


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