Friday, June 08, 2007

Love story...

This is a copied story and not an original idea.

she picks up the gun and holds it in her shaking hand, slow she raises the barrel to he head and says one last parayer to God, asking why he has done this to her, why he has tormented her, why he has been deaf to her. as the tears fal down her face she thinks of the harsh words of the rich girls at school, the mean jokes said about her by the jocks, the rumors that start with thoes she thought was her friends. the heartless people who fired her mother, the jerks who hit her and her brothers...she didnt ask for this life, and she had pryed every day for God to save her. and he NEVER did.
she closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the trigger, as she was about to forever get away form every one, the phone rang...
a boy was on the other end. she didnt know this boy, but she listend. the boy said:
" i see your pain, i see your torment. i am sorry that those people do that, but please know i am worried about you, i love you, i wanted you to know that."
the girl said " how can i trust anyone, for every one i have given my trust to, has thrown it away."
the boy responded "please, just come to your front door."
the girlset down her gun and walked to the forn door. she opened it and there was the boy he hung up his cell phone and pulled the girl into his arms, and wiped away her tears. in his arms the girl simply set her head aginst his chest and cried. he lifted her into his arms a took her to the couch. he laid he down and wiped her wet face with his sleeve. he looked around an dfound a blanket, he laid down beside her and coverd them with the blanket she trembled aginst his warm muscular body, and fell asleep. the next morning the boy woke up and found the gun and suicide note on the desk in that same room she woke and saw him looking at it, he looked deep into her eyes and said "i will never let you fall so low ever again as long as i am alive" he kissed her softly and pulled her close. and indeed he protected her for the rest of her life. the girl was diagnosed with cancer when she turned 34, she came home to her husband, the boy, and wept into his sholder just like she did the night he saved her the first time. this time he looked into her eyes and said i will go with you to the hevans and beyond, for our love is eternal.

the woman died 6 months later and on his way to the hosipital th see her one last time before she passed on, he was killed in a car accident. it is said that the moment he left the world that she did to.

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  1. :) Love, romance and attachment is a bit over rated in this article. Never the less, love is some thing every one searches all his life and recent research says that true love fades in 12 months in 92% of the cases. The remaining 8% in another 12 months max, a very small fraction retains it longer and that too is not a life time figure :) Its great while it lasts is all one can vouch on.-Morgan.


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