Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Its Sid's bday....

This blog started for a person who played an extreamly important role in my life. You know someone for 10 years and one fine day you find them gone and you know they will never return, neither do I want him to return ever. But then the memories of every second spent together remains deep within, that you hide from the entire world showing everyone that you have got over it. Haah Sid did make me cry on May 2, 2007 once again. That's the day I cut a cake to mark my journey in the path called life. I call it a milestone of achievements.
But then May 31, 2007 gave me a great pleasure to be cutting cake once again. Its sid's bday. I remember getting him a chocolate moose cake with cherry on it last year. It was a heart shaped cake with baby, sid, dino written all over it. a dark room with 24 candles to blow looked lovely. And the most important thing was the joy that the day carried with it. This day still carries the same joy. Its only that the person is absent. This year too there was the same chocolate moose cake form THOM'S, only smaller in size, this year too the bday song was sung and clapped, only that the clap was a bit less noisy, the same secret wish was once again wished for, only that I know that the wish will never ever come true.

Happy Birthday Dolly. U are missed very dearly.


  1. Hang over has its own course... One has to go thru it to get thru it.-Morgan.

  2. so 31 st is going to be back.. till then let me hold my "Happy Birthday"

  3. :) you are a sweet heart is all this tells. I see the traits of unconditional love like from the Dogs u wished u could ;) -Morgan.


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