Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You won't believe what i learnt...

Saw a woman loose her head to education
I saw a man loose his soul while preaching
i saw a kid fade into the darkness of light
I saw a business man put on his tie too tight
i saw a gangster avoid a fight
I saw the president afraid to open his eyes

I met a teacher afraid of knowledge
i met a rebel who hates life on the edge
i met a homeless man feel dirty
I met a 5 year old who turned forty
i heard the sound of the guitar that had no strings
I heard the poem of the poet that had no word

I felt the pain of the mother who lost her only son
i felt the pumping heart of a man well hid
I felt the love between the beautiful and the famous
i felt the hate between the father and the son
I felt the chemistry between the moon and the sun

Now i stand beneath the diamond skies
While he is still drowning within his own lies.


  1. At this age u shd not become too philosophical. Go out enjoy life as it comes to u.
    keep up the good wk of writing your heart.

  2. this poem can also be found at

    Looks like some one is copying your you are famous :)

  3. How can the ass do that...They are my feelings, my emotions... this ass can't just copy my work and call it his own :X

  4. So true.. even I dont believe what you learnt.. Alas! -Morgan.

  5. he he he. thanks for adding the hue of humor for my anger


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