Tuesday, May 29, 2007

which animal would best suit your personality???

Want to know which animal would best suit your personality....
Take the test below then,

This is what the test had to say about me...


You are one of the best friends that someone could ever ask for. A very loyal, compassionate person who is always there for close friends and family members who are in a tough time. You are someone who can be counted on time and time again and never let small grudges get in the way of a good friendship. But unfortunately, you are very dependant, and every now and then someone will take advantage of your loyalty, and it is most often not until you end up hurt that you realised your foolishness.


To take the test click the link below


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  1. A Dog - must be the masculine side of Brinda ;) Well, I cannot take the test coz, UAE has marked this site under the 'Prohibited Content Categories'-Morgan


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