Friday, May 04, 2007

To my bestest friend...

He came by that night and whispered in her ears...

"I wish you a bouncing baby boy...

And when his hair begins to curl...I'll give u a baby girl".

And now...Its been 23 yrs...23yrs since the girl came in. 23 yrs in the hands of the guy who wanted her so much in his life. Their eyes met, the girl saw him in astonishment...not knowing who he was, where she was... but it was a different place... and now it was going to be all hers.

He woke her every morning with the icy milk packet and told her how much he loved her. He dressed her to school, buckled her shoes, took her to the park, and then came the cycle...Long hours of warmth that they shared in the silence of each other. Days went by... She shared the first puff of smoke with him and then he gave her a clue of what it feels like to be drunk.

They shared what it feels to fall in love. The teenagers part of love life.

The girl I call her "Me" and the man 'me' calls is 'PupAaa' This guy in my life ... is the most dearest one to me in life. I thank him for the joyful life he gave me. I thank him every time my friends tell me ... "gal ain't the word for u." I thank him for making me his boy.

And as I sail my way out papa... I know u'll be waving your hand and wishing me joy everywhere.


  1. To Dad with love. Very touching yet I would suggest give some space for the unthinkables. A tight grip has no room for more. You would need them to handle the unexpected unplesant surprises. - Morgan.

  2. Well, I am just telling that, your love to ur dad seems more than to an extent of obsession, that being the case, for instance one day if some thing you come across that shakes u up and wonder, how come, he was a role model and yet he has given me a reason to worry! Like may be be turned sour to you, bro or even ur mom (he could have his reason for it) and u cannot understand how come after all these years of what you saw in that relation to be so strong and true has now strained a bit to the extent of one of your loved one is in pain. Things like these happen in life and we need that extra space to handle it or else you would move into denial and hurt yourself more emotionally. -Morgan.


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