Wednesday, May 16, 2007

They are all sleeping ...

On my way to office today, this is what i saw n cud nt help myself not write this...

In the morning ,
As I passed...
I saw the ambulance rushing by,
And I saw him dead

I saw her cry
I saw him console
But he had to leave ... one day for sure
At times I wonder, "how wud it be to live no more?"

He came in not Knowing,
when he wud leave
They never got him in
Knowing when he would have to go.

Some lie down to sleep,
some to rest...n then some in hope
yet some lie in death
but then all said, he was now dead.


  1. Death - the inevitable.. yet we just dont care and live like there is no end untill one day we face the fact. One piece of advice, in the name of principle dont let go ur chance to try, experiment and do things that makes u happy.. "been there done that" list should be so long that u can hardly come up with new things to add in there.. so, get drunk, flirt, kiss, be a bratt, scuba and sky dive, touch people's life as u go.. just live it like there is no tomorrow.-Morgan.

  2. :) I wrote this when I saw an accident on my way to office.


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