Saturday, May 05, 2007

I call him "My Personal Diary'

Sona.....that's the common name we share. just imagine u calling someone 'Tommy' and they call u back tommy!!! Strange...but it does feel different when I call him sona n he calls me back 'sona'.
I was never ever fascinated with guys having a skin of a ligher shade...but then, i guess he's just different again. A hefty guy he is with a chest puffed up with muscles ... a bicep equivalent to chains entangles together. A smile carried with him, whose quick look, gets all the shit out of your head. A company which feels like a relaxing massage. All said and done..But why address him as 'My personal Diary?
Hmmm ....Let's see...
Have u ever fallen asleep reading a book and then you wake up finding the book hugging you?
Or has it ever been that you need a hug when ur gay, when ur blue? Well I don't ever find myself reading him and find him hugging me when I wake up. But I find him hugging me when I feel gay, when m running blue.
And then there are those thoughts ... the thoughts that you want to share with no one but don't want to keep it to your self either!!! So what do u do??? Manage a pen and your diary??? What do I do.........??? Simple enough... I just find him by my side. It works out to be easier. I don't go hunting for the pen. M not bothered if the tool you use has that thing we can ink running inside her. Nope I can't put my feeling on a paper. But I put it on him. M not afraid that neone will open my personal diary and read them. I don't hide the diary. I flaunt it instead.
Sona's a guy on whose chest my first drop of tear fell and were changed into a smile in an instance.
penning down on him my future, my present and my past...It's all on him and it's always gonna be so 'cause he doesn't have limited number of pages.


  1. Does he have a name..? other than Sona of course ;).. One thing to appreciate is your ability to trust your judegement and comfort in people in ur life to an extent you can confide in them. The risk is, if he fails to live up to it, you would punish every one else by not giving them a chance to even enter into ur circle of trust :) - Morgan.

  2. Hmm well he indeed has a name-Virendra Sood. But then the part of-me not giving any1 else a chance just aint true. Ppls good is to be appreciated and ppls bad is not to be dumped on others.

  3. LOL... interesting line of principle. -Morgan.


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