Saturday, May 12, 2007

Humari Lambi Si love Story...

What if one day your best friend comes to you, holds your hand and sayz " I want to marry you and I've just realised how much I love you." Hmmm... with great suspicion you ask him back "OK! so for which gurl are you practising this with me?" "Well I do love you Baby!" "Yeah right you love me and m Queen Elizabeth." And he walks off saying "Man I hate you" and then it feels, Ahh... This is the friend of mine I always want.
Physcologically, it seems, if there is a person who hates you, it's cause he/she want to be just like you. Well ... If that's the case, then, there can't be nething more common between Mayand and me. Now come on, I love the ground as much as he does, He sings as gud/bad as I do, we were both cute once upon a time, and if he knows the art of flirting with gurls with long straigh hair, so have I mastered to do so with the opposite sex having real short crop cut. the only thing that differs is the 'sex.' He turned out to be a male or should i say I turned out to be a female.
But I hate him not 'cause I want to be a carbon copy of him but 'cause I love him so much that every time I see or hear him, all I can say is, "Go to hell, balls to you, i care the damn bout you." And then one day you realise that the reason he hates you is no different than your reason of hating him. Well if he still remembers the first skirt he saw you in (well yeah he not only remembers the color but the size too and what it covered and what it left to be exposed) and the ya ya ... on the stage, he sure has the treasure chest of memories like the one I have.
Mayand & Me, we call it "Hamari Lambi Si Love Story" which we never realised 'when it took its wings, 'cause we were just 10 then. And the best part being that the story never actually started but, never even comes to a full stop. Never did it get filled with colors but still hasn't faded.
One sentence of his yesterday and now all I can tell him is "Thanks a ton for waiting, not that I ever knew that,it was me, for whom u took the stop for, but thanks a ton boy and yeah I do care.
And yeah, for the final touch up... I still HATE YOU." ;)
N I promise not to put a period to this chote se start hue lambi se love story of ours.


  1. Well u can expect noting less from me darling....... iHate ya too........And for everyone else who goes through thsi blog please noteI hate this female

  2. but another truth is that we both love each other........ i mean if we can get back in touch after four years of silence and still be the way we were....... frienship doesn get better than this guys.......

  3. Aww Sugar...
    trust me frdship can't get better than this...N believe me thats the best relationship to share. At least for the 2 of us it does works out. N yeah this time i ain't letting u go for 4 yrs or 4 sec. Love to hate ya.

  4. Choti moo badi baat... So much passion in hatred makes you want to be hated... may this hatred continue till some one comes to agitate and test its strenght.. All I would say is, I feel sorry for the one who dares to test it ;) - Morgan.

  5. Trust me, Mayand is the only one who will ever want to do it and guess what, he continues to do so. The post made him good for 2 days that is it. Our hatred for one another is back again and back with a bang. LOL


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