Friday, May 04, 2007

For the First One...

I knew you had to leave, but did you have to leave as I blinked my eye?

Before I could tell you the words that kept us bonded for so long...

My life's now taking a different road. It does seem different more than difficult but, I've always learned to face the battle. I stop that tear from rolling down my cheek and wear that smile I bought from the store.

I walk with the hope in my heart that the decision I made was the best... please let me know bout it. ' cause I still know we'll still survive.

Though u'r not with me the silent night... with the watery eye and a smile...I still whisper those word..." I believe in you" and will always love you.


  1. Like the first kiss.. the first love lasts a life time no matter how much your logical side of the brain tries to convince you its for the best. Must be after some one really long and close. My guess - a childhood pal turned a person with the illusion of 'the one' but wasnt !! Tough, yet its life which moulds you to go on. - Morgan.

  2. wow. U are good at guess work and most of the times correct. This was written for an old school pal. The bestest buddy I saw in any1.

  3. Now that I finished reading your blog, I think I can risk guessing the name - Sidh :) -Morgan.


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