Monday, May 14, 2007

Damn... he convinced me into it

There are three kinda people for whom you do what they ask you to.
A) The "DON." You are so scared of don, that you just do whatever they ask you to.
B) The second being that you have no choice but to obey, N we call them the 'boss.'
C) And then there are people, out of respect of whom you do it or maybe they are so damn convincing that you just can't say 'no' to. i don't know what you call such a person, but I call him "Keshov."
Well keshov and i din just bump into each other but were actually made to bump into one another. Or should I say forced to bump in for the love of my beautiful stranger. Not that either one of us were anywhere excited or interested in knowing each other but, now we know one another and are quite or extremely happy about it.
Well if there's someone who can convince you into doing something you have never actually wanted to do then, that person has to be on my "people in a life time."
I have never ever enjoyed chocolates, but then, if its Keshov, he knows how to make you fall in love with it. Yes!I wanted to get back home bang at 2000 Hrs to check my liquor bottles, but then, he can convince you into a long evening, a loving dinner and an unforgettable fruit salad with jelly and ice cream . What more??? He can actually convince you to feed it to him!!! and that's the bouncer of all time.
Well just one thing for you Keshov, Your a kinda guy with whom a gurl wud love shutting her eye, grasp her palm in her palm, shrink within her shoulders and say "Ummm."
Not that I prefer romantic kinda guys, but damn...he convinced me into this too!


  1. Bravo.. I hope Keshov got to read it, coz 'compliments' is written all over that write up.. Cheers. - Morgan


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