Saturday, May 05, 2007

Beautiful stranger...or destiny???

Yeah right ... they speak about destiny all the time... things go bad and its to do with destiny...things seem bright and it was all pre-written in the book of destiny.
Is there really a book maintained, which has all of them written or is it just that we need something to blame or something to thank for the bad and the good?
Strangers come and go...Some
become the special ones, some are just there and then there are those who just leave. There are these strangers whom you never want to let go off and then those whom you don't really care about. Are these strangers listed in the book of destiny too?
I have never been the so called 'net person.' Never did I believe that chatting could be interesting. But then, Look at "destiny" again. I land up in a job with the world of net. A career never thought of that took me to the world of ... media and internet.
And yeah I have still not caught on the fever of "chat". But then, there came a stranger, yeah via the net, a stranger I never bothered of staying or leaving or whatever. Only that he's into a great career track. And what does he do??? Get his screw tightened day in and day out for ... one day to be a pilot...a fighter pilot.
It took a few instances post then that I decided he's among those strangers who is going to become that special one, a stranger whom I'm never gonna let go off. I call him Dragon. That's what he told me when I asked him who he was. "I am a very irritating Dragon" was what I got. Impressive ... ain't it? And now ... he's staying ... with me ... occupying a special place.
Just a line for you dragon ... if your ever walking that lonely road, just remember you'll at a point find me on the same road.
So what is he now...a beautiful staranger or my destiny???
And if this is all destiny, then I want to meet the person who writes it and maintains it 'cause theres something special to thank the person.


  1. I smell second love here.. but the end reads more like he is gone.. I guess it would unwind as I read on.. Dragon should be a nice caption on his fighter plane head gear.. I think, after Maverick in Top Gun, this can take its place though dragons are Chines and Philipines(Kabayan) favourite ;) - Morgan.

  2. LOL. Dragon was a spl character. But who said mistakes ain't made


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