Monday, May 14, 2007

Angel to me...God to my parents

Those who have known me for some time, also know that gurls in my world ... never existed. I've always hung round with guys 'cause I always enjoyed doing what they did rather than enjoying the gurly pleasures in life. But then, every time I think about a gurl, an angle comes to my mind. Well, my angel ain't the skinny dippling, with long straight hair, dressed in a white gown...but she still remains my angel, And the world calls her "Paro Darling."
I liked her the first day I spoke to her, but then, things in my life that came by made me totally fall in love with her. There hasn't been a person in my life who has seen me without a smile on my face but then, paro did. She saw me that way for 2 whole months. More than just seeing me that way she cared for me. Though the two complete months of her seeing me that way always made her eye watery but never did she allow them to roll down her cheek. And for what... for the sole reason of not stopping the smile that I tried real hard to fake. And the best thing...she never asked me what took away the smile from me.Not that she din want to know but, she knew ... it would remind me of the series of incidents that I never ever want to remember.
Those n number of phone calls that she made to me, a late bird...waking up early just to keep me in a place away from my illusions are a few of the things that will never be washed off from me.
Those 2 months took the life outa me. My brain played all the games that it could possibly play with me, made me week to death. Hell lotsa shit happened to me in those 2 months which I myself could not keep a secret. But she has still kept it a secret. She's a gurl every one would like as a mother.
Hey darling! i know you would be reading this and m gonna fill Ur eye with tears again. But I promise that as your eye get filled with water, your face will be wearing a smile. A smile for knowing that you are a very special person in my life.
you have been an angel to me...but more than that u've been God to my parents. You are the best thing that happened to me. Love ya tons and lot more than just that.


  1. hey little booo... that was soooo very touchy.....felt really nice reading that...

  2. he he he
    Thx darling. But jst wanted to let u know that ur special.

  3. hey she seems to be as real great friend of your. Nice to read such things.

  4. Paro the healer has done the trick with her golden wand, you bounced back to rock every one's bottom on the dance floor. No wonder your parents see her as the 'God?' in ur dictionary ;)My sincere appreciation to 'Paro Darling'.-Morgan

  5. I am sure she wud love what u wrote bout her Morgan.

  6. You are welcome ;) -Morgan.


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