Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All I want to be is "Him" ...

There's this guy, who once came up to me while I was sleeping. Shook me away and asked me "will you come to the bathroom with me?" I don't remember the answer though but this guy, is now a daddy and can blush any minute you remind him of this. I shared a room with this guy for 14 yrs. Woke up seeing each other, spend the afternoon and the evening under the shadow of the huge banyan tree on the ground and ended the day looking at each other. Not that we wanted a day to be this way but, we were not given any other option but to be in each others company day in and day out until the day he went over to the place where they make officers out of monkeys. We fought like born enemies but yet stood by each other when required. He's Mickey ... My brother.
If someone ever asked me what I want to be, what my aim in life was... seriously speaking ... All I would like to be is "him."
Yes! I want to be Mickey. I want to be a runner like him, a swimmer like him, an artist like him, a school topper like him, an all rounder like him, a gold torchie like him, a presidents gold medal winner like him. I want o be able to be honored with "the sword of honor" like him. I want to be a joker like him and i want people to love me like they love him. I want to be a human like he is.
Ever heard of the guy who turned things into gold as he touched them? Well, then that guy is none other than Mickey. He can achieve anything and everything he wants to and he doesn't just achieve it, he gets to the top recognition for doing it. I admire this guy but yeah he didn't just start turning things into gold just like that, he could do so 'cause there was once a little gurl who accompanied him to the loo.


  1. Hey this is real cute. So how old are u guys now??? u are 23 sure...n Mickey is?

  2. hmmm i know this goldie... he was my friend and class mate need to catch up with him some time, it has been almost 13-14 yrs...

  3. Ur classmate! then sure u know me too already...Sry but I ain't able to recollect who this is. May I get an answer to my question?

  4. Big Bro, if you are 27 now, a proud father and you are every thing that ur sis has portrayed, you need to be kept far possibly locked up some where, coz most would want to keep a perfectionist off their coast for obvious reasons :) But yes, some one's support to walk you to the bathroom is the key here for all these success, no doube abt it ;).-Morgan


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