Tuesday, May 15, 2007

9 Months More...

This is for the most important lady in my life. For the one 'cause of whom my existence matters. And before I pen down her importance, let me say ... " M sorry." "M sorry for being rude, m sorry for back answering, m sorry for getting irritated, m sorry for asking you to shut up and m sorry for asking you to get lost."
I know the list of me being sorry is never ending. But to sum it all up...M sorry for everything and every second that I made you feel bad. You took all my kicking's, felt sick 'cause of me, suffered the most severe pain a human body can take, lost Ur sexily toned body for me but then, you were still the first person to smile at me.
This lady is my mother.The strongest lady I have ever seen. she can be mad, madder, a bit more madder than that, she can be the most impossible person on earth, question you for everything you want to do, suspect every guy you even look at and pass her never actually required comments. She can make you feel that life is a pain and u were born to take all of that, but at the end of the day, she still comes by your bed to see you sleep, maybe to remember all the sleepless nights I gave her.
I still remember the skipping rope and papa's belt that you used to use. Ah...i haven't forgotten the "ballen." And on this special day, I want to thank her for getting me into this world. i want to thank you for loving me and for loving me 9 months more than anyone would ever love me.


  1. Thanks to the only Almighty we can touch, kiss and hug for all the sacrifices, unconditional love and care which in a way happens to be the root cause for all irritations they cause poking their nose deep into our matters, but hey! they are wired to protect their young ones and they cant do it any other way. Kudos and we know we are blessed. - Morgan

  2. LOL.
    ;-) Lets just end it-Happy mothers day :-P

  3. Ouch !! THE END ;) -Morgan.


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