Thursday, May 24, 2007

15 August, 1999...

Hmm... I believe in atheism 'cause i never had a reason to believe in an imaginary power that could give you strength when required. But then there was something different about the August 15th of 1999. Well that was the first time in my life that I prayed. I don't know whom I prayed to but, yes! I did. I prayed for a friend of mine who has been an answer to all my unsaid prayers.
You get a proposal from a frd, not knowing how to react, your eyes tend to shut, you give a gentle shy smile and look up at the person and say "yaaaaaaar" and turn it into a joke or maybe change the topic. With a great enthu you call ur frd that night and he reminds you what happened in the day...n then says...m leaving...forever. You laugh at it again and kiss him a goodnight.
The next morning you call again to wish him for the sunlight...n your heart stops beating when you find his bro telling u he's been rushed to the hospital and it's 'cause of you. you still are clueless vot to do but you pray...well yeah this was the reason for my prayer. Vincent Mathew. The only person in my life, I have prayed for. Man i haven even prayed for myself. I don't know who answered the prayer...The father, the son or was it the holy spirit. Well i think it was the "holy ghost." Within a minute, i call him back and hear him laugh and say "oh...did I scare you?"
Well you want to be mad at such a prank but then you just are relieved that the prayers were answered.
They say friends don't need an invitation for anything. They just bump in and out and never leave, no matter what. And he is the best example. Those who know me also know that you won't find me awake after 10 or maximum 10:30 in the night. So does vinci know but still, he rings my door bell at 11:45 in the night, enters a grown up girls bedroom, looks at her and asks her "idi yen ma avtara...Y don't you wear something." Oh i guess i was sleeping in my very house, in my very bedroom, I din know someone's gonna act a visitor! And then we put on a jacket and something to cover the legs from the winter and spend time sitting on the swing gazing at stars. and then he suddenly plucks a flower for you.Well I wud never except it from him 'cause he will expect to see the same flower after 5 years and if you have not taken care of the flower...his torture...its more than vot u can take in a retention camp. I got blasted once because I din have teh wrapper of the chocolate he gave me in my 8th grade. Ahh...comeon!
Vincent Mathew has been a great part of my life. A tissue is vot he was for me when i wanted one. Every time I was blue...he would spend time with me...force me to cry even if i didn't want to and then allow me to cry for sometime, then take me out for an ice-cream, a good bike ride on a lonely deserted place and keep asking me what if I misbehaved with you here??? We hardly find time to speak to each other but then as I said "once a friend enters your life, no matter what, they never leave" And there is no one better than him for an example.
N yeah, if you ever wonder..."I never knew Brinda could write" ...well Vinci is the one with whom it all started. The Diary...hey Vinci I lost mine...Do u have ur's with you??? if so can I please see the pages you tore from that diary!


  1. August 15th,1999 is also a Fool's day in Brinda's life huh ?! Good to know, and kudos to the wounded MV. I have one Q though, how come you dont know that a friend would actually propose you one day with out you also sending out the same vibes to them. No one would risk a friendship so near and dear unless they are doubly sure that the feeling is mutual !!! - Morgan

  2. ahh he is too good to be made a life partner. He is better off at being my best buddy.
    The feelings are still mutual ;)

  3. LOL.. that is funny and I already see him thanking me for making an opportunity to hear it again from you ;)-Morgan.


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